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Good website design calls for fast loading sites

Did you know that you only have about 5 seconds to grab the attention of a visitor to your site?

Does your site load that fast? If not, what's holding it up? Can it be fixed?

For 19 years, BeachSite Designs has been providing inexpensive website design, hosting and maintenance for small businesses and non profit organizations. Now we are shifting our focus to WEBSITE MAINTENANCE. We know there are plenty of young eager website designers who can build you a great new site. But at some point you may find that getting your site updated becomes a problem. Well that's our specialty--updating websites in a timely fashion. And repairing ones that don't work properly.

Our pledge to you is that we will provide website maintenance which

  • is provided quickly

  • will get your updated message across

  • keeps your site targeted to your market

  • will continue to sell your product or idea

  • will load quickly & read easily

  • is optimized for the major search engines

  • is reasonably priced

We think your time and your clients' and customers' time is valuable. We won't waste it with

  • information that is out-of-date

  • allowing "lost" pages & broken links to survive

  • confusing navigation

  • scripts that don't function

  • forms that don't feed

  • type that is too small

Not only will we provide complete website maintenance services, we can also host and optimize your site.

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In the last 19 years, we've designed them all! And now we will repair and maintain YOUR site for you.

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Visit our Clients and Sites Page and view our website design that work!

We've been in the  website design business for 19 years. We've designed sites for clients in our former home state of North Carolina, as well as clients in New York, California, Florida and points in between. Our clients have been so satisfied with websites that work, it is no coincidence that we have had a number of repeat clients. Now we are turning our attention to quickly providing updates and maintenance for your website or sites.


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